Poetic Blessings.

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Let it be you.
Let it be me.
Let it be us.
& Let us be free.

Ah, forgiveness. The shape of a semi-circle, arcing the bow from which we all travel through. A melodic cacophony, the essence of both human and animal, the necessity of our innate survival. We must own, we must express, and we must love our way through this world. Forgiving you, forgiving me, forgiving Him, forgiving Her.

Letters of Forgiveness ~

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All else may follow.
All else.
That which lays here in unbounded heat —
Unchained and in the eternal protection of the flesh wound, cutting layers upon Deepening.

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The Time of Flight.

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 © Lindsey Erin Luna

© Lindsey Erin Luna

“There is honey in the temple, said She. Sweet, flowing nectar.
It pours from the abandoned fountain, to the north of His land.
Shielded in grace by the flight of daytime doves, and protected
Through patrol of night crow.
She who wanders may be pulled to the Oasis of fluidity.
Scrambling terra of Acacia trees & sagebrush, finding her path
Amongst those who have traveled before, with arms open, to the
Medicine of Heart.
What is there for me? She may ask,
As the leather unbinds from her Soul, a material cast
Gently from Father’s hands, by Mother’s love, knowing
That they, too, will become undone…”

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