Sharing of Voice

April 28, 2015 § 4 Comments

Many people have been asking me lately of my passions. Of what makes my heart stir and flutter like the wings of a baby bird learning to fly. I tell them, I want to bare my soul. That I have a deep, inner longing to share. To reveal what is not always pretty.

But what is true.

Which is why I believe that words can heal. Language speaks to the heart wings in a different way than other art forms, although they are all outlines for the same frame.

There is an intricate part of growth that is missed when we lack the revolutionary power of authentic storytelling. I have noticed the mask’s journey into fading once surrounded by pen & paper. By writing our own unique stories, whether ‘truth’ or ‘fiction’, we behold an opportunity to translate them from the perspective of a witness. To take one’s self out of the picture, creating space for the Self that moves within the letters.

I want to create a space for the unfolding of these stories. The ones that are held inside, the ones that others have trampled over, leaving nothing but the question of footprints. I want to hear the stories that you have told yourself, once or many, rehearsed in your head in the dark of a sleepless night. I want us to share.

A quiet revolution. Beginning with one page, or even one word.

Write yourself clean.

With this, I offer my newest piece for Over the Moon Magazine ~

I Am Isis

Visionary Credit // Lindsey Erin Luna 

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